Saurabh Datar

Visual Journalist

Hello, I'm a graduate journalism student at Stanford University, with a focus on data-driven storytelling. Before this, I worked as a journalist in India, where I produced my news organization's first data journalism projects.

I am interested in using code and data to tell compelling stories. I have experience working in the MEAN stack, as well as Python. That was the tl;dr version. For the juicy details, click here.

And here is my resume[pdf].

Find me at:


Asian Unicorns

Personal Asia's billion-dollar companies. Made in d3.js

Journalists killed in India

Personal Made with Leaflet and D3, deployed with Flask

University Presidents

Personal Gender analysis of the leaders of the top 50 universities in the USA

Police shootings in USA

Personal A review of 2015 in police killings in the US. Made in d3

Hungry SF

Personal Hungry? A real-time map shows which food trucks are near you and open. Built with Leaflet and jQuery.

Foreign students in USA The changing visa rules for foreign students in the US. Made with SQL and CartoDB

Criminal Lawmakers

Mid-day Data investigation of Maharashtra's lawmakers with criminal backgrounds

Mumbai's tainted lawmakers

A map that allows citizens to explore criminal cases against their lawmakers. Made with jQuery and Inkscape

The Oscar Game

Personal How well you know your Oscar-winning movies? Made with jQuery

Trumpboard 2015

Personal An audio primer of Donald J. Trump's policy statements


A hub of Olympic talent

SFGate A table tennis center run by the Indian community is an incubator for the US Olympic team

Gold in the gutters

Mid-day Deep in the bullion market of Mumbai, these hunters find gold in its drains and dirt

Crowdsourced publishing

Mid-day An Indian author-entrepreneur trusts the wisdom of the crowd to publish the next bestseller

From farms to FIFA

Mid-day A boy from the farmer suicide belt of India goes to the FIFA World Cup

Prime-time noisemakers

Mid-day The people behind the cacophonous talking heads of Indian news television